Tuesday, February 22, 2011

butt paste and a big screen

My children have begun a new obsession with butt paste..  My two year old has learned how to unscrew the cap from the tube, and she and her one year old brother stick their fingers into the tube and proceed to "draw" on everything within their reach. *sigh*  You would think one episode of such mischievousness would be enough to teach me to keep the paste out of their reach, right?  Apparently it has taken TWICE before I learned my lesson.  Unfortunately I learned this at the expense of our <Ladies, cover your husband's ears> ...LCD TV.  Not only did I find butt paste on the TV screen, but also finger prints (no surprise there) and CRAYON!!

(Please ignore the laundry baskets and toys in the reflection. Thank you.)

I was horrified, to say the least, when I saw our television in this condition! Luckily (?) I had another experience with "drawings" on our TV last year when I found that my daughter had used her banana to draw pictures on the screen. That nastiness came off easily enough with a very lightly damp cloth diaper, so as not to scratch the surface.  I tried the same approach this time, and believe it or not, both the crayon and the butt paste came off relatively easy, but those darn oily finger prints will not budge! I only spent about 5 minutes cleaning it, but I think it turned out fairly nice.

I suppose I'll have to break down and get a specialized LCD cleaner to get the finger prints and the rest of the smudges from the butt paste, but I'm REALLY happy and relieved about this outcome.

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