Thursday, February 17, 2011

celebrating life

My little girl is coming up on her third birthday. That means it's time to start gaining inspiration for a cake.. Daunting, I know. I guess this is a good opportunity to revisit last year's cake to show myself that I am capable of something cute in the least. We decided on a farm theme last year because, like almost every other two year old, she LOVED any and all animals. We did a farm yard, barn, silo, and animals to populate the area.

The two 8" rounds were made by me, the pound cake was pre-made and bought at my local grocery store's bakery. I also made two dozen cupcakes.

The 8" rounds are placed together and iced.

The barn and silo get "sided and shingled" The barn is the pound cake and the silo is three cupcakes with the tops cut off and stacked on one another.

I placed the buildings on the "yard"

The animals were my favorite part of the cake! They were three different decorations on cupcakes.

And the finished product:

The cake was a hit, and quite delicious! For step-by-step instructions here is a link to the website I followed: Fun Farm Cake

Now if only I could decide what to do this year..

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