Sunday, February 13, 2011

death of a coat

One Sunday morning about a month ago, my husband had just come in from shoveling our neighbor's sidewalk and driveway.  Very chivalrous, I know!  I offered to boil some water for hot chocolate, as it was quite nippy out.  I turned on the burner, set the tea kettle on the stove, and turned to continue conversing with my husband.  After about 5 seconds we hear WHOFF...  Well, I had apparently turned on the wrong burner and had also apparently set an oven mitt on said burner.  I turned around to find the oven mitt engulfed in flames.  Already the flames were easily a foot tall.  I grabbed the oven mitt with my hand, put it in the sink, and ran water over it.  I couldn't believe I had just picked up a flaming oven mitt with my bare hand!  My husband was chastising me about the entire situation when I happened to see my winter coat starting to catch fire!  The oven mitt had dropped burning bits of itself on the way to the sink, one of which had found home in my coat!  It is a down coat and would only take a few seconds to be completely ablaze, so I immediately swatted the small fire with my hand, which quelled the incident.

Whew! What a morning! It was an adrenaline filled two minutes and because there was so very little damage, we were able to laugh about it immediately. But after all this excitement, I'm stuck in the middle of winter with a coat that bleeds feathers..

Needless to say "she" was done for until I could fix her.

It's a month after the fire, Sunday once again. The husband and kids are sick, so church is out of the question. I decided to tackle the coat patching. <insert dramatic music> I started at 9 am and finished up around 4:30pm. *sigh* It's no wonder I've put it off for so long!

Here's what the patch looks like:

Can you believe that took seven and a half hours?! Hehe, just kidding. Well, not about that being the patch, because that is what closed the hole. Here is the finished product

I think I like my "new" coat better than the deceased one! :)

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