Monday, May 9, 2011

accountability; do you have it?

I have admitted many times in my life that I am a procrastinator.  My poor husband can attest to this.  I am not proud of this ..quirk(?).  But it is what it is.  My senior quote was: "Why put off until tomorrow, what can be done the day after?"  Sad, I know..

Thus, I have decided though that I need some accountability for the goals that I set for myself.  Otherwise, I will procrastinate my way straight through without a backward glance.  For years now, I have wanted to plant a flower garden along the front of our house, but I'm always hesitant (ok, scared) to start because I do not possess the experience or the confidence to take on such an endeavor.  So, last week, I decided I'd plant the garden in the back yard.  That way I'd get the experience and the confidence I seek without having to worry about what other people think of my gardening talents, because no one else will ever see it back there.  Perfect logic, right?  Oh yes, we forgot about the first part of this post.  I'm a huge procrastinator.. 

Here is my solution to my procrastinating problem: I will post before pictures on my blog, and that will force me to step up and do something.  I know posting a picture doesn't seem like much motivation, but in doing this, I am releasing to the world wide web some not so flatter pictures of my yard.  And out of pure embarrassment I will be obligated to post new pretty pictures of my new yard!! Yay! I'm excited just talking about it! :)

Now to the space.. There is definitely a lot of work that needs to be done to the yard, but at the moment, we're focusing on the area between the sidewalk and the back fence. 100% of that space is infested by weeds.  So, it seems the only way I can go is up!

In this picture, I'd already started some of the work to get this transformed into my perfect flower garden, but there is plenty of ugly even so!

I spent my younger child's naptime working on deweeding. I came close to finishing, but I guess it will have to wait until another day. Yes, another day, NOT another year!!  Still, I was happy with the progress!

Soon, I promise, I will be posting pictures of my lovely flower garden!! Please, please, please... hold me accountable to this!!

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