Thursday, June 16, 2011

my *almost* finished garden

About a week after my last post, I got out and planted my flower garden.  My first step of course was plotting where I'd plant each flower.  Here was what I came up with:

 The lilies ended up being swapped around, but the layout is the same.  I didn't get a picture of them actually planted until about a week later and by that time the lilies had lost their flowers.  Since I am new to this whole gardening thing, I didn't realize bulb flowers only produce flowers once a year for about two weeks.  I felt kind of gypped.. At least I got a pretty picture of one of the lilies before they all disappeared for the year.

The annuals I bought for the front part of the garden, I let my daughter pick out.  I figured, "What does it matter? They're all annuals, they'll be fine together."  Wrong!  I am really amazed at my lack of knowledge of gardening.  The scary part is, most of what I "don't know" should be common sense!  

Some of the things I "learned:"  1-Not all annuals like lots of sun - impatiens are shade lovers.  2-Each species has different watering needs; some need to be watered daily and some weekly.  3-Different breeds of annuals don't look great when grouped together.  This is because each breed spreads differently - impatiens stay low and crawl along the ground, (my) petunias are staying thin and growing tall, and marigolds grow both up and out like a bush.  Marigolds seem to be thriving better than anything else in my garden.  I think next year, I'll only be plating marigolds as my annual.  And maybe some impatiens in a window box? 

Here are my pretty marigolds.

I am still not *finished.*  I have to install the rest of the buried border thingy, add some mulch, and find some decorative pebbles to surround the garden.  But the work that I have done has made a drastic difference in our backyard.  The change has inspired me to want to do more!

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